27 Apr, 2023

Bitcoin Clan Ticker – Track trade price from your menu bar! for PC and Mac Latest Version

Bitcoin Clan Ticker - Track trade price from your menu bar! for PC and Mac

Written by OnDemandWorld

  • Category: Finance
  • Licence Free
  • Software version 1.0
  • File size 606.60 KB
  • Compatibility Windows 11 and Windows 10 are compatible with Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista, Mac OS 10, 11 and Mac OS 10.7.
  • How it works. What is Bitcoin Clan Tucker? – Track trades from your menu bar! ?

Whats Great

1. We are working on other features to support our development such as pricing limit alerts or price alerts.

2. Live streaming of all major exchange price data.

3. The Menu Bar at top right will display the first value from your list.

Bitcoin Clan Ticker — Track trade price via your menu bar Description

Key Features

Latest Version: 1.0

Licence: Free

What does Bitcoin Clan Tick do? Track trade price directly from your menubar! do? Live streaming of current price data from major exchanges. The Menu Bar, located at the top of your screen, will display the first value in your list. You can support our development by supporting other features such as price limit alert and pricing limit alert. Donations to: 1e9edagvf8rugvh1xqnlsw993wceyj8zn9 Check out http://www.btcclan.com for more information. Supported Exchanges: – BTC China – Mt.Gox – BitStamp – BTC-E – Camp BX Supported Currencies: – USD – CNY – EUR – GBP – LTC

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