Title: Introduction to foundation of future technology of very new time

Name of the opening: Universal convertor (for application software)

The author: Empery Team

Adoption by experiment: adopted

Number of final adopted experiment: 50076

The experiment finally – called on: at 07: 06:07AM on May 27, 2013

Whether mathematical modeling was completed finally: fully completed

Confidentiality of mathematic modeling: confidential

Whether protected by copyright: confidential

Whether called by press: announced 2.5 billion people on 07: 06 : 07on May 27, 2013

Scope of opening: the worldwide

Country of the opening ceremony completed: Mongolia

Copy of scientific document: briefness

Whether there is idea prior to the experiment: there was not called and adopted theory  before 07 : 06: 07AM on May 27, 2013

Number of full experiment: 168900 applications


We, Empery team worked with purpose to create convertor from any desired code to any desired code, make mathematical modeling and convert it to modeling language within term of three years, finally, we created converting core to convert from any desired code to any desired code.

This new advanced technology has never been discovered by the world scholars and scientists  and  registered and adopted worldwide by scientific academy intellectual property organizations, our organization adopted it in respect of this condition.

We worked knowledge and program of physical and mathematical training on the basis of scientific ground, are very pleased that we created convertor core to from any desired code to any desired code and found development history of new technology.

On the basis of this core, we can create the below – mentioned items.

–          New programming language (integrated all programming language)

–          New operational system (integrated all programming system)

–          New social system (integrated all social systems)

–          New information system (integrated all operational system)

–          Integration of new information and data

Therefore, please get familiar with  our research works.

General purpose of research works: create convertor to convert from any desired code to any desired code.

Scientific ground to make research works:

We made online questionnaire research among 1800 software specialists working by auto source in order to integrate the world all programming   and determine urgent problem of application software. The research result is presented below.

The following difficulties and problems in the world application programming.

No: Offered problems Number of participants: Percent
1 The world application programming is made for special operational system, this special activity requires very much time and labor. 450 25.00%
2 There are many application software and it is difficult to open address and register. 350 19.44%
3 It is required to submit personal computer users. 250 13.89%
4 Very much time is required to convert software which are not in mobile phone shop. 186 10.33%
5 It is required to create integrated shop of application for consumers and consumers should download software depending on own various operational system. 285 15.83%
6 There is need a intelligent convertor to convert between all applications. 279 15.50%
Total: 1800 100.00%




The research was made by random collection method and equaled by regression equation.

Because there is market need, we worked with purpose to create universal convertor application software.

Scientific ground of research work:

We made research on the basis of “Triple theory” of B. Buyan. In other word, we discovered major set which included minor set being used in programming language, formed core on the basis of mathematic modeling, introduced it into operation. We introduced http://emperystore.com site using this core from 07:006:06AM on May 27, 2013.

This was not only scientific discovery but also technological discovery, we are presenting our work in brief form.

We are working to expend this theory and develop new operational system, new programming language, new social system and new operational system and new chip technology.

Formula  1

Easy formula:

G = I +O + K

G – triple set

I – set of currently – existing technologies

O – existing set of currently – experimenting technologies

K – set of technologies which was planned to be created in the future

Now, we are showing chart and diagram of convertor ‘s operation.

Principle of nuclear operation

Chart 1



Result and conclusion of research work:

We concluded research work in empiric and acoustic conditions, introduced into practice and created the following conditions. We adopted by mathematical simulation. Herein:

  1. New operational system
  2. New programming language
  3. New social system
  4. New information system
  5. New surgical system
  6. Technology of new scientific research
  7. New philosophical tendency
  8. Type of mathematical modeling
  9. New system of cyber control
  10. New chip technology
  11. Opportunity to create equipments to protect electric safety
  12. New technology
  13. New astronomic method
  14. Opportunity of mapping and new space
  15. Determine, develop and introduce of new scientific tendency
  16. Introduce artificial intelligence, make new change in industrial human resources
  17. Process new era of information technology
  18. Use other new technologies.

Currently, we are working with purpose to introduce the following items itop operation: herein:

–          New operational system

–          New programming language

–          New social system

–          New information technology

–          New chip

–          Process project on the basis of new electric safety

For authors, we keeping confidential information relating mathematical calculation with about 102560 formulas.

We are opening source of new technology and new innovation on the basis of source of future wealth and new idea within the theoretical frame for humanity.

We scientifically tended this research on globalization tendency and renewing idea, determined and evaluated new philosophy and idea by mathematical modeling, processed theory, experimented theory, introduced as new technology in world level.

This is not abstract research, it is real practice, spent three months after introducing into practice, announced scientific advance.

We are ready to cooperate with our partners and establish confidentiality contract under special contract and open new technological era.

Thank you very much for paying attention

on divine technology given by the God.

(be continued)