Allows the user to submit a putative infected file and shows if it is infected or not Allows the user to submit a surely infected file, plus the name of the malware Lets a user add a surely infected file only if s/he has been authenticated as an Admin Ensure a secure Session mechanism

##Build a web application that:

Reads the file in input per bytes and, if is a surely infected one, store the sequence of bytes, say, the first 20 bytes (signature) of the file, in a database Reads the file in input per bytes and, if it is a putative infected file, searches within the file for one of the strings stored in the database

##Build a MySQL database that:

Stores the information regarding the infected files in input, such as name of the malware (not the name of the file) and the sequence of bytes Stores the information related to the Admin with username and password, in a secure way.

If your group is formed by two or three people, you have to add these requirements:

The website will let register a user to the website as a contributor, asking for username, email and password. When a registered user log in on the website, s/he can upload a surely infected file and the relative signature is stored in a different table containing putative malware that must be double checked by an Admin. NOTE: This table is NOT the same used to upload signatures from files uploaded by an Admin. That is, it's not the table used to check if a file is infected or not.