Full high bandwidth DDOS

WARNING the following DDOS is extremely volatile and may cause your PC to crash if left unchecked. I am not responsible for any crashed and subsequent loss of data from using this code.

Code requires an active webserver to connect to. It expects the webserver to post the following line (IP address)<./br>(Client) e.g.<./br>1 (remove the .) It will not understand anything more and will error.

This is using UDP sockets which will spike all your upload speed without any caps. This will kick you off any application/games which you must upload to, including skype, TeamSpeak etc...

Use to update the webserver use to launch an attack.

The ddos is not fully complete so some functions like changing targets is not fully working, to change targets simply restart the application.

At the first sign of you PC becoming unresponsive it is advised you close the application!

Should work on all Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems using python 2.7 No additional modules are required for this code.

Please use responsibly.