Fast, powerful systems and code-coded examinations (Best Debug)

Debugging of codes written in its language is performed through 15 types audit tools. Building after such a thorough debug process is performed through checks with 8 advanced level instruments before the final program is produced.

Software that is written in this system program is fast loaded

Our system features few number of coding lines and contains modules able to produce many action of a few number which makes calling programs developed in this system faster and more reliably than programs developed with other programming languages. It also features a corrector of programming language bugs.

High security system

It is very powerful in regards of the confidentiality system with 3 layers of firewall and 2 additional filters. Also it features powerful bots to detect and eliminate viruses.

It has its own payment system

As for the payment system, it can support al kinds of visa and master cards, bitcoins and altcoins as well as chine union and other cards. It is easy to use, easily comprehensible and has high level confidentiality protection system.

Electronic money is associated with bitcoin and gold

As for the payment system, it can support al kinds of visa and master cards, bitcoins and altcoins as well as chine union and other cards. It is easy to use, easily comprehensible and has high level confidentiality protection system.

An antiviral system

The antivirus system features 12kcontrolling bots. It can also control invasions of newly produced viruses. It has the full ability to stop and paralise the activities of such viruses.

A complete system of system operators

Control and support of network port and control of the server health are made possible. Registration of attacks of the server, identification and control of the IP of the attacker and stopping the attacks on the server.

Read and convert all media types

Recognises media files regardless of their extensions, types or attributes. Also this system is able to convert these files between extensions, types and attributes.

Powerful engine search engine

The search system has a fully operative engine. It is strong at searching, finding and printing tags on screen. It can work with other search systems.

It has a subsystem that allows you to create and build all kinds of applications.

Here 2 types of systems are concerned. The Application creator is powerful to write programming compatible with all types of operating systems in a single writing without errors. The application convertor can convert any application created before in the binary system into all types of operating systems which makes it a wonder.

Server status high level  checker

The system has a module to report the status and health of the server and forecasts potential risks. Using this system will improve the server safety.

Most Sitemap power meta tag builder

Search systems looks up tags written in XML language in Sitemaps. The xml of our sitemap produces its tags in a way that they can be detected by search engines.

SMS sender to any cell operator

It has an SMS sender that can be used in message marketing and advertising for other uses.

All PHP versions support APACHE -type servers

It has an Apache server supporting PHP. This server is faster and more reliable than other Apache servers. Also a protection module is attached.

Have your own proxy

Proxy solving all problems. This proxy is protected, its transmission capacity is 0.2 times as that of other proxies.

DDOS attack anti firewall system.

DDOS attack detection, protection, IP address registration and location identification system works best in identification of where attacks come from. It has its own 8 small tools. Using them the system provides additional options.

E-mail regardless senders email

Can send any mail of any source at any number. It can operate regardless of mail operators. Application type programming for business.

Convert video file to Vector Video file converter.

Converting video files into vector video files allows play back extremely fast and reduces the size. This wonderful convertor does the job.


The only problem in VPN technology is the issue of speed. This VPN is an accelerator allowing VPN connections to work 28.5 time faster than other VPN.

Any mail system that matches any mail system has a universal mail system

The user can install all types of mails. This is an application type program mended for individual needs. Confidentiality is high with excellent protection and ease of use.

Php has a certificate authority server

Provides confidentiality certificate to webs created in PHP. Creates SSL and performs powerful protection. System tasked to provide confidentiality and report attacks to the person setting up the confidentiality.

Own Game builder

This system features a game producer that creates games with a single time code writing and provides options as to which system to release. The system has its own engine made in JS language. Is checks thoroughly confidentiality protection and code debugging. The game producer uses a high number of criteria to search and detect errors.

There is an audit system to check program written in PHP

Server dependent client program able to assess, check and control programs written in in PHP language. Using this program, 52 audits can be performs allowing the user to correct mistakes. Is protected and checked by 250 bots.

Has a Web Builder which allows users to build webs without knowledge of programming languages

This is a user-oriented product. User is given the opportunity to create a web with designs of the users taste without knowing a programming language. Webs made with it can operate 60 times faster than WIX.