n/n Problem in the binary system Solution in the ternary system
1 The occupied space increases with an increase of a database leading to higher server costs and necessity to build a higher number of data centres. The ternary reduces the size of a database keeping its functions unchanged and the database becomes unlimited.

The system speed decreases with an increase of the database and this is felt clearly on user websites.

The database size is smaller in the ternary system enhancing the speed and reliability of the system. It features compression of images and web optimizer; its operations are more streamlined.
3 Human operators are employed at the protection of binary systems resulting in high salary costs. Nowadays robots are going to be used which will also be costly. Bot technology is the solution in the ternary system and this solution significantly minimizes the costs and only one protection server will suffice. Thus, 1 server will implement the functions of 2500 security workers.
4 With technological advances, the binary system reaches its limits encountering difficulties for further development. The modern customer demands require more than those limits and the satisfaction of those demands are still sought within the binary system. The ternary system is developing and has potentials for further development. As for us, we were unable to develop it further due to shortage in human resources, however perspectives can be seen for development of the matrix. It has been proved that the ternary system in 150 times as better as the binary system.
5 Storing and transmission of a large amount of images and video data has become a complicated problem requiring a large number of servers and bandwidths. These are solved fully by a vector regime and compression special encoding.
6 Integration between raster images and vector images is performed in the binary system in an extremely complex manner. Integration between raster images and vector images has been solved in highly rational fashion.
7 The cloud technology is widely used in the binary system, but it entails issues of security and issues of space. Our “God” saver system has solved these issues. Data are encoded with unique codes and are extracted from a server and decoded with unique codes.
8 Payment system matrices have reached their limits in the the binary system Encoding matrices are only in the beginning in the ternary system and they are unlimited.