The Viewlyrics part is a translated Python script to lookup lyrics from viewlyrics. The original Viewlyrics script was written in PHP by PedroHLC, I just converted it to Python for use in other Python scripts.

This script can be used as a module to import to your own script! Don't forget to take a look in the Wiki, it could help you out!

you have to place the module into your current directory, or in a python root dir Import lyrics

lyrics = lyrics.MiniLyrics("Queen","Bohemian rhapsody") Will return a dictionary with data from Like the url to download a lyric, the rating, artist and title. lyrics[0] will include the first result, lyrics[1] will be the second... The returned results are ordered by rating (highest first).

lyrics.LyricWikia("Queen","Bohemian rhapsody") Will return the lyric as it is shown on as a string.