The proof of creation of a new numeral system is presence of its own philosophy, main engine and nuclear structure.

The ternary numeral system has its own philosophy, utopic principles and an engine of a spheric matrix designed according to a speric matrix scheme.


What is the proof of implementation of the numeral system?

The 76 test products in the siteare insufficient. The existence of the products to be announced publicly or ready to be announced as well as unannounced products is the proof. Also, in addition to these products, it is possible to produce new products by the potentials of the system itself.


If it’s a numeral system, does it have a programming language to create products?

The at least 4 programming languages in which known languages in the binary system were developed. The operations and protection are reliable. Our system was created in those languages. Deeper description will touch the technological know-how and cannot released publicly.


What about the protection system?

Our protection system is a powerful one defended by over 8k bots and can work comprehensively in an offline regime. More detailed description will be a technological know-how.


Then, why have there not been many products produced?

Our team is small, it’s located in Mongolia. The financial and assistant work force skills are insufficient for the requirements of our technology.


Are you open?

Sure. We are a know-how producer open to every skillful expert from all over the world and to every investor. However, we are presenting a demo or a minimized version in consideration of the technological secrets. Also the pro-version is a client programme too. For the purpose of technological secret, we do not describe the server side programming.


Did you test your software?

The worldwide known program is our protection program which has repelled countless attacks since 2013 while we refrain from releasing some details to respect the reputation of some organisations. We do possess documents if necessary.


How to test your software?

Can be tested and affirmed by visiting site , , , and sites. Bear in mind that these are demo versions of the client side software.


Please provide some figures?

Compared with the binary system, it is 150 times faster, 108 percent more powerful and 152 times stricter in terms of confidentiality.


Have you got counter-attack tools?

This question is declined as this is an issue of the internal secrecy.