We have created a ternary numeral system of computer applications basing on the theory of triad of Byambajav Buyan.

Since 2012 we pursued the idea of interpreting the theory of triad into a mathematical model and diccovered many opportunities in physics, metaphysics and alchemy and found a novel idea to algorithm them. Since the launch of our official website emperystore.com on May 27, 2013 we have successfully tested our ternary numeral system for our more than 140 applications and other products. All these products prove the validity of our theory.

This novel ternary system employs its blockchain technology with its own highly strengthened protection mechanism.

This ternary numeral system is a complex nucleus with its own security system which responds to attacks with many alternatives to prevent hacking attempts. This nucleus is the driving force of our numeral system.

This novel “NUCLEUS” created by our design team will serve as a basic platform for a new view of the programming world.

This powerful “NUCLEUS” automatically accelarates itself along with the feature of automatically enhancing its capacity.

Emperystore.com based on this nucleus interprets software applications making them compatible with all kinds of mobile phones and for all operating systems. This interpreter has the advantage to correct errors of Manifest files making them able to be opened in all devices. This advantage is made possible by its own coding environment with own security and encryption.

Sales of our applications exceeded 10.8 billion times for a month /downloads made from many countries during high load period/ with the daily maximum download of 172 gigabyte. Our system speed of 0.00025 sec is the wonderful speed unique today in the world. The novel programming of sending data in three channels is the secret of this speed. This programming complies to the very nature of universe blessed by GOD as it is the closest approximation of mathematics to the nature6

The high speed of download is due to the ability of opening compressed file by its own decompiler .  Files so downloaded have the feature to decompress itself at the end of the download being converted to the type of the original file .

Such download has the ability to compress 1.2 GB file into a 1 MB file, and so to decompress 1 MB file into a 1.2 GB file.

It is equipped with an artificial intelligence BOT able to comply its own files to all kinds of devices. Its control system can feel the environment and automatically get adapted to the surrounding conditiobns.

It can install its informant part to call the protection system in the converted file.

Also it can register , encrypt, protect the converted filed preventing any attacks to them.

The smart modeling of our nucleus guarantees all these advantages. It is unique to develop its own independent system.

It maintains the security and peace of the system, enhances its capacity and makes it more powerful.

In receiving and transferring files the system employs its own ports which covers binary systems wholly. This clearly demonstrates the strength of the ternary numeral system.

Downloads within the system is made with Emperr File Server technology with 42 mb/sec  speed providing you with the unique opportunity to download files at the highest downloading speed..  The downloading speed will vary in countries depending on the speeds of their fiber optic cable infrastructures taking reference to the standards of Ciettle city of USA with the recorded maximum of 58 mb/sec speed.

The entirely dynamic database of the system is organized with Unicode Database Cross Architect having the ability to transfer its database to any type of databases.

As for programming it is written in Universal Software console basing on its own PHP and Java languages and has the feature to comply with all devices basing on its C+++ language.

The system has the advantage of employing Vector figures in web technology first in the world and increasing the page calling speed with its own EMPERR zip Technology. And there is a BOT which supports to compress the page calling speed. Though the BOT doesn’t work independently it follows the commands of the central server.

We have employed a new social search engine in the search of other networks and social networks. The technology which increases the number of key search words and improves the searching is a new alternative of SEO that enhances the searching capacity by using social API. It complies with all types of social platforms and generates its own API.

The system performs searches using these enhancement factors integrating the Key Words in all types of social systems. The keywords will be located in the system and drive the searches according to the orders of the users.

This is a powerful system, app converter which is able to comply files to any devices using its cross app converter and C+++ language. It has the strength to convert into all types of systems such as Android, Blackberry, iPhone and Windows using its installed AI to identify its strengths and weaknesses and correct them.

There is a new technology called Box Technology created by its own Content Managing system.

Box technology is content managing system which provides users with the opportunities to create websites without using codes and update their contents. And it is user friendly and 100% secured. This system can operate on all types of operating systems, protect itself and detect coding errors. In cases of errors it can correct them automatically.

This is the today’s safest techology which is protected basing on cloud technology called encrypted GOD SAVER SERVICE and its inputs and outputs passes through Encrypt and Decrypt. Its encryption technology is based on ternary numeral system which will not decrypted on binary numeral system.

This technology will operate in the vector and raster environment and shall demenstrate 3D figures with online vectors. And it will interpret from raster to vector and vector to raster and will correct interpretation errors. The vectorisation has the advantage to transfer videos into itself.

The output vector demonstration is like real and lively as it is passed through its own graphic enhancer.

And also any videos and figures are demonstrated on mobile technologies. We have developed two Mobile operating systems. One is mobile phone operating system, and one is firmware independent operating system, both are open and possible to develop further.

And HTML files are possible to be read, or audio videos can be easily called with the help of web.

This system employs UNII HTML5 technology which provides the opportunities for quickest development, quickest deploy actions and quickest retrieval of products.

It is possible to interpret applications written by one time coding to all types of operating systems from own HTML5 technology. Such as IOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows etc.

This app has the strength to produce all types of web and app technologies using its own app builder, web builder and game builder. And it has the feature to create universal NATIVE applications using its own JS technology.

What makes it most powerful is the ability to burn any data to any chips using its own assembler language. It has the strength to provide devices with the ability to perform actions in shortest time cooperating with its own PHP6 language. All these calculations are made in Unit Function Mathematics C. This language has the strength to reduce the loads of internal memory and random accessible memory by 85% providing 5 times greater speed to computers and other devices. And it has one advantage to be supported by other types of chip programming

Another example is Unii ergonomic chip. By providing coordination and compatibility between these chips thid new era progressive technology makes possible for users to quickly develop and access data and see the results.

Also this ternary numeral system has its own payment settlement system supported by chip technology program. It is Unii Smart Payment chip with the reading speed 1.5 times more than normal on ATM, POS and SWIPE devices

And also the Unii Geo server chip program will provide uses with the opportunities to easily and quickly develop and access large size massive data through its compiler, make searches, compile respective mappings. The accuracy of its mapping is 0.001 MMK through its scope.

Any demonstrations by the system is made through its PDF software. This format is able to display and work the files in all types of devices without using additional software.

We have produced similar MP3 format which is able to be displayed on all types of devices without the use of additional programs.

These formats shall be installed on all types of devices using C+++ and shall provide the opportunity to connect all the devices for integrated demonstration.

The smartest solution is to make coordination by the use of ordered consequence as a dispatcher operation. And the temporary cancellation of unused chips will increase the flow of motherboard making it possible to employ the required capacity of chips. It is the strength of UNII HYBRID Chip.

Test of the system based on the chip programming demonstrated the coordination of ordered operation of 154 chips. In that test about 32-44 of the chips were operating while other chips were sleeping making it possible to save 65% of total energy.

UniiCod converter shall provide the opportunity to transfer all types of applications to any operating system not depending on the coding, nature and type of the application.

After converting the files, they are transferred to the devices of users employing its own file transfer protocol.

Before transferring the files they are examined by Emperr anti virus program. This antivirus program of ours is fully able to immediately delete, suppress, lock or alter any viruses.

One of our wonderful products is our compiler. So called EMPERR ZIP can compress any types of files by 90%. And one of its wonderful feature is to decompress all types of files into working files. We have created a mini processor basing on the programming. This micro processor is a powerful tool able to make 1million/sec actions.

The application generator can convert files into all types of devices making the files compatible with  their operating systems using Unii Smart Cross. The ability to convert files making them compatible with all types of operating systems is based on the power and flexibility of the ternary numeral system.

And databases will be converted with the use of server oriented programming and will be deployed from there. So the difficulties caused by the bulk of database load and size will be eliminated, actions will be performed quicker and easier.

Use of Unii Root and Unii Boot System for the access of devices with the root authorization shall generate boot and provide the opportunity to generate new programming technology.

It was made by programming while employing Unii Smart RAM chip designed to reducer RAM load. Such reduction will provide the computer to simultaneously load many types of programs.

The combination of operations of the chips supported by UNII desktop operating system increases the processing speed, operating speed and processes actions at very simple levels. Its GUI interface is very simple with the load bearing speed increased 2 times, and improved transferring channel bringing the system at a new level.

This system reached the level of an operating system designed for a special purpose server. We have created a new system with the trend to support server programs.

The development and future trend of the system is based on its installed foundation making the system more powerful due to the strength of the ternary numeral system.

Our operating system has many advantages such as the ability to be installed in all types of devices, less loads to the memories and motherboards, smartness of the speed of data transfer through network etc.

And it also has the strength to operate on tablets providing users with opportunities to perform their sales, payment, distribution, advertising actions and promote their

Our web hosting management system osoPanel has the advantages of having its own encryption, firewall and attack preventing system.

Servers are generally of 3 types such as Shared server, VPS (Virtual Private Server), Dedicated Server. The first Shared type locates one or multiple webs on one server according to the configurations of basis server. If your webpage is a large size portal web, then either of the remaining two types will be required.

Using the panel of this control system you can be sure about the security of your web site hosting.

Unii Algebr set – this programming algorithm is a programming based on algebra which tosses binary figures into three dimensional space, makes respective calculations and is able to be converted into any number of dimensions as a space.

Unit Network tools is a network security tool designed to examine and ensure the network security, IP, Domain name server and ports.

This tool has the functions to monitor network frequency, stability, health and guide what protection tools to use.

Such control ensures the network security, stability and reliable speed.

Unii PHP 6 is a language with Script type PHP and is used in web development basing on HTML coding. PHP operates basing usually on web server and HTML pages are displayed from PHP codes after being converted on server. PHP has the wonderful property to operate on almost all types of web servers and operating systems and platforms. Today there are more than 20 million websites designed using PHP and one million web servers which supports PHP. This language is a new era programming language which corrects common errors and eliminates the weaknesses such as capacity shortage to operate with PHP language base, inability to be connected to the database due to its MYSQL properties. And it is not dependent on platform types providing the opportunities to convert to all types of web programming languages.

Unii Golden Collection Anti-Hack tools – This tool is able to disable malicious codes attacking from outside, and protect itself against whatever extensive DDOS attacks. The set of tools are divided into several types depending on their purposes.

Unii database server – is a programming of database server of ternary numeral system which supports database with its server capacity, and uses database as least as possible using its own compiler in active way.

Unii anti hacker bomb – is an independent system which is not vulnerable to the malicious properties of hacker technologies and converts malicious codes into useful massive. The independent system based on ternary numeral system is able to convert itself as a dynamic system.

Unii master HTML5 no code use app builder – this tool will use its own HTML5 code and provided users with opportunities to create applications on any types of operating systems according to desired types, color choices including logos and texts without using any codes even they don’t know programming languages.

Using this property you can create your desired applications for your business very cheaply without programming costs and knowledge of programming language.

It will give to cost efficiency to any businesses be they start-ups or established businesses.

Unii JS – JavaScript is a language appropriate for creating websites. While Java is a programming language, JavaScript is designed for programming websites. Javasript in combination with HTML can create more advanced websites. CSS combined with HTML are used for solving web interfaces and appearances, and HTML combined with JavaScript develop web functions or engines. This platform is able to support website animations. It is a new technology compatible with all types of platforms, unlimited in animations with high performance and development speed.

Unii native app builder – Today world population uses more than two billion mobile phones. Number of mobile phone users will reach 5 billion in 2020. As of today half of the adult people have own mobile phones. “The Economist” magazine wrote that 80% of them will choose smart phones in five years. The preference of smartphones is connected to their use of phones in their daily activities without sitting behind computer decks. At present time of ever increasing use of smart phones, your optimal choice for your business promotion and information delivery will be Mobile Application.

Native app for application – is created with the native technology compatible with all types of phones and devices. Codes written originally shall be copied to all types of devices.

Unit Boot – one of the multiple functions of BIOS is its role in loading the systems. At the start of computer its memory will be void and first all accessories are examined, and then operating system is called from hard disk or other disk devices and loaded into RAM. This action is called Booting. When the addressing of the accessories are changed, not the operating system and application programs but only BIOS can perform Booting. The first steps to perform by BIOS will perform examining actions called POST (Power-On-Self-Test). Any damage or error in either of your computer accessories shall be during the testing, and if the display adaptor is damaged, it will inform it by signaling.

Unii PDF – PDF is one of the most common types of document files. Documents created by Unii PDF can be used on all platforms (Linux, Windwos, Mac, iOS, Android). PDF means Portable Document File and it is a computer format designed to used documents in virtual environment not depending on platforms. PDF files are commonly used in businesses, educational organizations and by individuals.

Using our ternary numeral system and C+++ language we have created a PDF system operable on all devices without needing any players.

Unii C+++ – Ci program consists of function sets (can be thought as submodules)

Main function can call another function, and that function will call other fuctions.

If Ci program has to have at least one function (sub module) then it the (main) function.

Main function will operate first.

What is a compiler.

Compiler is an action to interpret written programs. Interpretation or conversion means to convert programs understandable to person or written in “C” language to a sequence of commands understandable to a machine.

Elements of C language;

  • Letters or symbols
  • Constants
  • Name
  • Keywords
  • References

Compiler of “c” language shall read rows of the program consequently and divide each read row into parts of symbols. Compiler of “C” language shall depend on the number of the elements comprising the sequences.

Letters: “C” language includes multiple letters, digits and symbols described in the compilers. The letters are comprised of large, small, Arabic, Latin alphabets and digits.

Special symbols. These are designed for constants other than graphics and in space symbols in rows. They are used to show or erase information on displays. They are used with () symbol.

UNII C+++ is more powerful than the traditional compilers as it has more advanced elements and commands binary systems directly6

Unii Geo server chip – Land Information system /LIS, LMIS/  is a registry and information system based on technology and techniques. Orderly organized information plays an important role in the operations of management of land affairs. Therefore Land Information System was developed in order to make the information organized and easy to use. And now this classification as LIS now became out of date for the ever increasing complexity of technology, information connection and user demands. We shall not be limited by the typical LMS concept as it continuously evolves along with technological process. Geographical Information System based on Land Information System develops together with the Distant Exploration Research, Geodesy and cartography technologies.

Combination of these systems now serve as the key technology of the modern land information system.

It is possible to use Geographical Information System as a technology to process space data. Land registry, land taxation and cadastre services can convert it a system based on their information parcels.

Land reserve cadastre and mult-purpose cadastre have the trend to use Geographical Information System as the key tool for processing land reserve data. We can describe Land Information system simply as a combination and coordination of software, database and account recording.

The system developed by us is able to largely compress the geological database as proved by its compression of 2.8 GB data of Mongolia into 25.3 MB data.

Unii universal MP3 – Our favorite CD-s store sounds as digital data. Information on CD is not archived and written with high density formats. More clearly:

  • Sounds are modeled 44100 per second
  • Each model is 2 bytes (16 bits)
  • And those models are integrated into stereo system which outputs songs through right and left speakers.

Then CD consumes large number of bits data per second.

44100 model/second * 16 bit/model * 2 channel = 1411200 bits per second

1.4 million bits per second means 176000 bytes per second. If average song is three minutes, then one song on CD will be 32 million bytes. 32 million bytes are huge size for one song and specifically it will take more than two hours to download an average song with 56 Kbit modem.

MP3 format is a technology to compress and archive sounds. With this format you can reduce the size of a song without changing its quality. We can reduce 10-13 times the size of a song on CD. For example a song of 32 megabyte shall become 3 megabyte with MP3 format.Then you can download a song within several minutes.

Is it possible to archive songs without changing their qualities. We employ compressing technologies in graphic files. For example GIF, JPG files are archived files. We compress text files into ZIP files. So we are already familiar with graphics and text compressing technologies. For sound filfes we use “perceptual noise shaping” technology or differentiating perceptual sounds. It is based on the idea of creating compressing technologies basing on the ear perception ability of a person.

For example:

  • Human ears perceive some sounds
  • Human ears perceive some sounds clearly than other sounds
  • If two sounds are played at the same moment we hear only the higher sounds.

Basing on these and other features of human ears it is possible to eliminate some parts of a song without impacting the perception of the hearing peson. And then compressing a song with the familiar compressing technologies, its size can be reduced at least 10 times. And the MP3 alternative of your song will of almost same quality of CD.

This shows that MP3 is not a “magical toool”. It is only a file format to compress a song and makes its size smaller and easy to store and transfer on internet.

Empery music shop compresses songs with Unii Universal MP3 format without any player and burns on all types of devices using its own C+++ language with high security.

Emperr App decomplier- Decompiler of working files of all types applications. And it compresses files to original types making necessary corrections. Tools of this have never been so successful.

Universal Software Console – There are multiple binary numeral systems designed to test all types of combinations of HTML, JS, CSS files and to show the results on display. Our system is unique as it is the first ternary numeral system tester in the world. This tester can detect errors of binary numeral systems.

Unii standard firewall – or ternary numeral system standard firewall.This firewall is entirely different from binary numeral system. Any attack by a binary numeral system shall serve as a simple action, and will give the system more strength as it will be detected and return to its original attacker.

Unii universal assembler language – Assembler languages makes programming easier. Program written on assembler language is a simple text with each assembler program row representing one command of a machine. For example the machine command shall be written in assembler language shall become

add eax. ebx

Special program called assembler interpreter (assembler) shall convert ready assembler programs into machine language. Assembler interpreter itself can be written on machine language. The set of machine commands vary depending on processor types. So digital coding of machine commands cannot be standard or same for every processor type. It means assembler languages shall be different on processor types.

Our Unii Universal Assembler Language solved all the problems.

Our team produced 142 new technologies using our wonderful new ternary numeral system technology and we are sure that many thousands of new technologies can be produced basing on our theory and we are glad to provide younger bright brains with the opportunities to produce the future technologies.

In other words, the ternary numeral system is proved, tested and solved definitely. It is reality.

Our products, experts who tested our experts, major technological companies who attempted to steal our technologies deliberately or forcefully, the deliberate hacking attacks against our team, failed colony codes, and multiple attempts to reveal our codes with supercomputers etc clearly demonstrate that the technology created by our team is a novel and future base technology of mathematical modeling of IT.

During 6-4 years of operation of our sites on http://emperystore.com http://emperymusic.com http://emperybooks.com http://uniicod.com for public usage we saw and survived many hacking attacks of influential countries, attempts to steal and other violent actions such as to close our sites without any reasons, to inform largely reducing the number of accesses of our sites, to attempt to seize our domain names illegally.

Please  see related details at http://emperystore.com/high-speed-discovery-technology/ http://emperystore.com/202087-2/ http://emperystore.com/weve-done-it/ http://emperystore.com/the-domain-name-of-emperystore-came-back-to-its-legal-owner/ http://emperystore.com/dear-criminals/ http://emperystore.com/emperystore-restarted/ http://emperystore.com/shown-their-preponderance-in-equipments-but-our-superiority-in-technology/  .

We hadn’t announced our “NUCLEUS” which drove our technologies with its “magical” actions and its underlying “NEW TERNARY SYSTEM” during the last six years and now on May 25, 2018 we are announcing our secrets publicly.

We want to express one important thing. A COUNTRY, COMPANY or INDIVIDUAL who owned this WONDERFUL technology created by our team shall be provided with the opportunities to surely win in the rough future competitions going long ahead of their rivals and will produce many new technologies.

Since recent time our team /emperystore team/ definitely understands that we have created very impressive novel technology in the country of Mongolia with poor infrastructure and where the state support and protection is very weak. Therefore we ANNOUNCE with this open letter that we are going to sell our TECHNOLOGY PARTIALLY OR WHOLLY to major international companies, investment funds, technology seeking start-up companies, security companies or companies which work at the level of software coding, governments of major countries or special agencies.

           We propose the following six products to you:

  1. Our NUCLEUS
  2. Hacking response system
  3. Self development system which disables viruses
  4. Security and protection tools
  5. Technologies able to multiply systems
  6. 142 new technologies and systems.

We shall be very grateful to cooperate with individuals and organizations for the future of the world.      

Sincerely : BUYAN byambajav /EmperystoreTeam/ Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia,             mobile: 88117600, 99117600. Mail: buyan3031@mail.ru